Notary Public

In New Zealand, a Notary Public is generally a legal practitioner, whose chief duty is to authenticate documents for use abroad, to protest bills of exchange when dishonoured, to authenticate shipping protests and to witness or prepare legal documents, such as powers of attorney, which are intended to be used overseas. A Notary Public may also have authority according to the law of other countries, to swear affidavits for use in foreign courts.

Generally, a document executed or sworn before a Notary Public will be recognised by a commonwealth court, without further proof. Other countries may well require the authorisation of the notary to be authenticated by the Consulate of that Country, or by the authentications unit of the Department of Internal Affairs or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is wise to check with the appropriate authority of a foreign country, what further procedures (if any) are required, other than the witnessing and authentication by the Notary Public.

Tony Ivanson is a Notary Public, his commission for faculty was granted by the Archbishop of Canterbury and is for his lifetime.

Some of Tony's recent duties as a Notary Public have been:

  • Authenticating copies of original documents, to enable the copies to be accepted for use overseas, with passport or visa applications.
  • Witnessing documents for sale of land in the United States of America.
  • Witnessing documents for sale of land in Australia.
  • Witnessing documents for purchase of property in Hong Kong.
  • Witnessing application for overseas passports.
  • Swearing affidavit for use in Australia.
  • Witnessing powers of attorney for use in various overseas countries.

There is a charge for notarial services.

In the case of urgent documentation arrangements can be made for the protest or other notarial act to be undertaken outside the office and outside normal business hours, subject to prior notice and agreement.